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Reaching the more exclusive designs

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Exterior Outfitting:

Ceilings and walls 

  • From designer plastic to fine wood marketry.
  • Corrosion-free components
  • Light weight of 7,5 - 10 kg/m²
  • Coating, painting and surface finish applied in prefabrication
  • Assembly and removal without special tools



Exterior furniture 

Per­fec­tion – from de­signer plas­tics to fine wood mar­ketry.

  • Epoxid GFK- sandwich construction for light weight with high stability
  • High gloss surfaces from our own paint shop (AWL Grip)
  • Precision-tooled parts from our own CNC processing center
exterior furniture
acabado ecterior
exterior furniture

In­te­rior Out­fit­ting:

Sup­port du­ring the plan­ning and de­sign phase.

Turnkey ins­ta­lla­tion and con­ver­sion for:

  •      Crew cabins
  •      Crew mess
  •      Wellness areas
  •      Galley and catering areas
  •      Working and technical areas
camarote 2


Va­riable from stain­less steel to tiles or par­quet.

  • Non-slip walkways
  • Excellent cleaning and maintenance properties
  • Connections for floor drainange
  • Great design scope for architects
  • Flexible flooring
  • Damping of shocks and vibrations
  • Variable adjustment of surfaces

Cold stores and freezers

Hy­giene and sto­rage space for cold and frozen pro­vi­sions and goods.

  • Stainless steel for all applications with USPH
  • Fire protection classes up to A-60
  • Hinged and sliding doors in all standard dimensions
  • Vacuum panels for navy vessels offer up to 40% weight saving compared with conventional construction methods.
cocina barco

Other Activities in Yacht Division