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Ship Installations: Jet & Blasting

Description of our facilities:

  • Ship of 1300 m2 provided with material reception area, washing area, jet cabin, painting area, etc ...
  • Abrasive jet cabin for surface preparation processes of 90m2, with dimensions of 15x4x4 meters.The cabin is prepared to carry out abrasive cleaning processes on any type of structure / element through the use of practically any type of grit (metal shot, glass microsphere, garnet, etc ...).
  • The cabin is equipped with state-of-the-art abrasive blasting equipment, material transport trolleys, automatic grit collection and recycling system, suitable for two blasting machines, etc.
  • Painting area of 600m2 polyvalent where we can apply different products without risk of contamination.
  • Material reception area of 45 m2.
  • Storage area of painted material of 80 m2.
  • Bridge crane up to 6.3 Tn.
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