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Reporting Channel KAEFER Compliance Helpline

The KAEFER Code of Business Conduct defines rules of conduct that enable us, as a global company, to conform to legal provisions, regulatory standards and ethical principles wherever we operate.This not only protects our customers, employees and society as a whole, but also contributes to the security of our company against white-collar crime itself.

The KAEFER Group therefore offers its employees, business partners and customers various, internationally accessible channels to report compliance violations. All received information will always be treated confidentially and, if desired, anonymously.

How can reports be submitted?

  • Please use the KAEFER Compliance Helpline
    (web-based electronic whistleblowing system)
  • Contact Corporate Compliance & Audit, Marktstr.2, 28195 Bremen, Germany

The above-mentioned channels are not suitable for the reporting of emergencies.

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