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"Much more than insulation..."

Without in­su­la­tion, you would­n’t be able to eat what you eat and drive what you drive – it’s one of the corner­stones of mod­ern in­dustry and makes the lives we live today pos­sible.

So it should­n’t come as a sur­prise that we take in­su­la­tion very ser­i­ously. In fact, we’re pas­sion­ate about in­su­la­tion. And about all the other ser­vices and solu­tions we provide that go with it. We can of­fer you a com­pletely in­teg­rated pack­age with all the ele­ments you need to in­crease ef­fi­ciency and suc­cess in just about any pro­ject. Be­cause for us, the cli­ent is at the centre of everything we do and provide.

But don’t just take our word for it. On the fol­low­ing pages, we’ll show you what we can do to drive your busi­ness for­ward with our highly pro­fes­sional plant in­teg­rity ser­vices and solu­tions. These range from in­su­la­tion, ac­cess, sur­face pro­tec­tion, to pass­ive fire pro­tec­tion and re­fract­ory as well as the com­plex in­terior out­fit­ting of build­ings and ship cab­ins, for ex­ample.