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12-12-2012KAEFER collaborates with UNICEF to improve children’s lives[Spain]
 This year, we have decided to improve the lives of disadvantaged children.

UNICEF and KAEFER will enable 53 water pumps to be set up in countries where they do not have the resources to install them themselves.

Therefore, we encourage you to take a look at the links and KAEFER, in cooperation with our major customers, will make the water pumps a reality.

Regala AGUA, Regala VIDA - UNICEF

Canal Toledo

A causa de la desnutrición, en muchos lugares los niños no cumplen años, cumplen días


A well with a water pump can supply an entire village or a refugee camp with clean, safe water.

With this initiative, you are also contributing to the education of thousands of children who are currently unable to attend school because they have to travel many miles each day to fetch water for their families.