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Insulation in Thermo Solar Plants

KAEFER has actively participated in the engineering and construction of a long list of projects in thermosolar plants, both cylinder-parabolic collectors and Torre, throughout the Spanish geography.

We are proud of our work, and of the professionalism of our people.The flexibility we offer to meet any specific need is absolute, thanks to the localisation of our branches, with production workshops throughout the geographical area of Spain.

What do we do at KAEFER?

Calculations of energy losses
CO2 consumption
Thickness of economical and ecological insulation
Temperature distribution
Large database of independent materials
Acciona Solar Thermal Power plant Palma Del Rio II (ES) 03
Acciona Solar Thermal Power plant Palma Del Rio II (ES) 03 @acciona

Solar Energy

In this context, "solar energy" refers to energy that is directly collected from sunlight. 

Solar energy is transformed into electricity in two ways :

Types of Solar Energy

Solar energy can be applied in many ways, including:

  • PHOTOVOLTAIC ENERGY SYSTEM: Generates electricity using photovoltaic cells
  • CONCENTRATED SOLAR POWER: Generates electricity using mirrors to reflect the sun’s rays into one point to take advantage of the solar energy
    >Power tower system
    >Parabolic trough system
    >Stirling disk system