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History of KAEFER’s Lean Journey

Tak­ing the steps to change.

It may sound like a cliché, but every journey really does begin with a first step. KAEFER’s Lean Journey began in 2013 while working with clients that applied this methodology themselves. We saw how well efficiency could be increased in practice, so the decision was taken to start our own lean programme. But we see it as more than just a way to increase efficiency. For us, lean is a qualification pro­gramme – in rela­tion to our staff as well as to our services.

Seven pilot projects later, it became clear that lean would be the direction we took in future. Especially since they were not just re­soundingly successful, but also fit into KAEFER’s way of thinking exceptionally well.
In 2014, the KAEFER Lean Journey was extended to a further 100 pro­jects and the global Lean Leader organisation was established. 2015 saw the number of project grow to 150, as well as an extended Lean Development Programme for Managers. So far, in addition to numerous lean projects, we have successfully trained over 1,600 employees in more than 35 countries.

Lean is working. Not just for our clients, but for us as well. And KAEFER has become known for being an ambassador for lean as well as a prime example of how it’s more than a process, but a way of thinking.

Alexander Faber

Dr. Alexander Faber

Corporate Operations Excellence

+49 421 305 50

Lean involves everybody from the BoD to the worker. Through the lean trainings, you develop yourself, while enabling people around you to grow. The trainings also give you the international network to reach other sites and learn new ways of working.

Nicolas Allier
Local Lean Leader, France

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