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Corrosion under Insulation

Cor­ro­sion un­der In­su­la­tion (CUI) is a thread to the pro­cess in­dustry in a wide sense.
If neg­lected, the cor­ro­sion pro­cess is mostly well hid­den un­der the in­su­la­tion sys­tem and be­comes only ob­vi­ous due to severe in­teg­rity fail­ures.

As the say­ing goes, if it is­n’t broken, then why fix it? You could cer­tainly say that this ap­plies to the thermal spray coat­ing pro­cess, which has been around since the 1930s. Nowadays, the fo­cus is on ‘new’ and ‘mod­ern’ tech­no­logy. But just be­cause a cer­tain tech­no­logy has been around for dec­ades does­n’t mean that it is­n’t use­ful.

Tech­no­logy that works, works for a reason. And alu­minium thermal spray coat­ing is a proven, safe and ef­fi­cient way to pro­tect large sur­faces that are ex­posed to ex­treme con­di­tions. That’s why KAEFER still makes ex­tens­ive use of this tech­no­logy, but with mod­ern ap­plic­a­tion tools and pro­cesses.

Alu­minium pro­tects steel sur­faces over a broad range of tem­per­at­ures (from cryo­genic to +538°C) and un­like zinc, alu­minium does not un­dergo gal­vanic re­versal at higher tem­per­at­ures, which makes zinc un­suit­able for CUI pro­tec­tion solu­tions.

Com­bin­ing proven tech­no­logy with KAEFER in­nov­at­ive think­ing means we can make the most of the re­sources we have and make them use­ful for the fu­ture.

Sample Corrosion under insulation
Corrosion under insulation

Time for a comeback.

We have de­veloped our own ap­proaches to fight CUI, e.g. by an own coat­ing sys­tem spe­cific­a­tion guideline, defin­i­tion of best prac­tise in­su­la­tion sys­tem design to pre­vent wa­ter in­gress in the sys­tem and to pre­vent CUI.