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Float­ing ideas.

The best ideas can come out of nowhere. Or float­ing on the wa­ter, in fact. That was cer­tainly the case when a KAEFER team faced the chal­lenge of coat­ing de­cay­ing jetty struc­tures in the UK.

The tricky part was get­ting to the areas around the jetty that are hard to reach and would usu­ally re­quire time and ef­fort to build a struc­ture to do so.

The team then used a concept that was as simple as it was bril­liant: spe­cial, heavy-duty, float­ing plastic blocks were com­bined to­gether to form a safe, stable mo­bile plat­form. This made it easy to ac­cess parts of the struc­ture that needed to be treated. And al­lowed the team to be flex­ible and to save costs as well as money.

An­other ex­ample of KAEFER in­nov­a­tion in ac­tion.

KAEFER Corrosion Management Mobile Floating Unit Coating Application
Unidad móvil flotante para aplicación de recubrimientos

Three steps for dur­able coat­ing solu­tions

1. Ana­lysis of me­dia and en­vir­on­ment where the steel struc­ture is placed
2. Spe­cific­a­tion of ap­pro­pri­ate coat­ing sys­tem, in­clud­ing qual­ity of sur­face pre­par­a­tion and se­lec­tion of suit­able coat­ing pro­cess to suit spe­cific pro­ject de­mands
3. Ex­e­cu­tion of coat­ing ap­plic­a­tion by trained and skilled staff un­der su­per­vi­sion of ex­per­i­enced coat­ing in­spect­ors for strin­gent QA/​QC


KAEFER Corrosion Control Spray Multi Layer Coatings
Aplicación de recubrimientos con spray
KAEFER Surface Protection Coating Inspection
Inspección de recubrimientos